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Regular Chiro Care Beneficial For Functional Improvements

Regular chiropractic care is beneficial in maintaining functional improvements. 30 people who were suffering from long term back problems were divided into two groups. The first group received intensive chiropractic care for one month, followed by a reduced schedule ("maintenance care") of once every three weeks for 9 months after the initial intensive care. The second group received nothing for the first month, to establish a baseline, then one month of initial intensive care. They did not receive any care after this month of intensive care. The two groups were evaluated with the Oswestry Disability Index, a scientifically designed questionnaire used to measure a person's function as related to their daily activities. It was found that both groups maintained their pain reduction after the study was completed, regardless of whether or not they had the maintenance care. However, the patients in the group that received maintenance care were able to maintain the functional improvement they made during the initial care and the patients who did not receive maintenance care returned to the same levels of functional impairment that they were experiencing prior to the initial chiropractic care. These results were published in the October 2004 issue of theJournal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.

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