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Custom Orthotics by Foot Levelers

Good Health Starts with the Feet!

Foot pronation affects your knee, hip, lower back, shoulders, and cervical spine. Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics are the only orthotics that support all three arches of the feet – treating the source, not the symptom, and enhancing whole body health.

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For over 70 years, Foot Levelers has been making custom orthotics that are clinically proven to help reduce pain and improve whole body wellness by balancing the body from the ground up. Your feet are your foundation. And structural imbalances in your feet can lead to issues throughout the body like plastic deformation, overpronation, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, knee pain, hip pain, sciatica, or achilles tendinitis.

Your feet don’t even have to be hurting to cause some of these issues. Foot Levelers custom orthotics, Shoethotics® and Sandalthotics® can help by properly supporting and positioning the feet.

A foot scan or impression shows how imbalances in the feet lead to problems throughout your body. The orthotics are then made off your foot scan or impression.

Only Foot Levelers custom orthotics support all 3 arches of the foot. Your arches give the foot strength to support the body in a balanced fashion. Balancing your foundation can help relieve pain and avoid future issues. Ask us about getting scanned or download Foot Levelers Patient Catalog for more information.

The Foot/Spine Connection

All parts of your body are linked together. And your feet are the foundation!

Optimal foot vs Over pronated foot and knee pain

Even though all your body parts are connected and affect one another, your feet are what Foot Levelers calls, the "foundation". Your entire body is supported and balanced by your feet. Therefore, if your feet are pronated (as 99% of all people's feet are), your body will suffer – starting with either the knee, hip, or back. 

When something goes wrong with one of our parts and we experience pain, traditional medical doctors attempt to treat patients using prescriptions or surgery. This, in our opinion, is a very narrow view of solutions and care.

We are mindful of the whole body – specifically the musculoskeletal system. As we meet with our patients, we observe data through 3D scans and x-rays – pinpointing the root cause of the problem in order to apply appropriate treatment that typically begins with Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics. Why? Because our feet are the "foundation" of the body and Foot Levelers has an excellent reputation for making the best custom orthotics on the planet.

Since 99% of all people have foot pronation (often causing imbalances and stresses in the knees, which in turn puts stress on the hip, back, and even our neck), custom orthotics are a vital solution to whole body health. This is the bio kinetic chain in action. When our feet are stabilized and in balance, the rest of the kinetic chain will function as it should – pain free! But when our feet are pronated and de-stabilized, the rest of the kinetic chain will be negatively impacted – typically resulting in pain and loss of function.

Recent Product Updates

XP3® Court Custom Orthotic

XP3® Court

Play court sports like pickleball, tennis, basketball and volleyball? You’ll love the performance-boosting benefits of the XP3® Court, developed specifically for court sports and hard surface play, such as:

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XP3® Field Custom Orthotic

XP3® Field

Custom-designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Created to fit into a field shoe or cleat, this orthotic aims to boost power, speed, and stability. Its superior shock absorption feature provides safeguarding against hard ground impacts, while its unique three-arch support enhances the biomechanics of the kinetic chain for an optimal athletic experience.

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XP3® Golf Custom Orthotic

XP3® Golf

Elevate your golf game with the XP3® Golf custom flexible orthotic. Ideal for golfers at all levels, it enhances precision drives and promotes optimal body alignment while reducing fatigue.

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XP3® Run Custom Orthotic

XP3® Run Custom Orthotic

Keep on the move with our thinnest and lightest custom orthotic, the XP3® Run. Popular among athletes, it delivers superior shock absorption and support, setting the stage for extreme endurance and high-activity pursuits.

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XP3® Run Distance Custom Orthotic

XP3® Run Distance Custom Orthotic

Take it to the next level with the XP3® Run Distance, our most flexible custom orthotic with extreme shock absorption and propulsion. Expertly engineered to redirect shock away from the body and maximize rebound at toe-off, this orthotic enhances endurance, making it a must-have for extreme athletes.

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XP3® Ski Custom Orthotic

XP3® Ski Custom Orthotic

Conquer the slopes with the XP3®Ski! Specially designed to offer tailored three-arch support in rigid ski boots, these custom flexible orthotics come equipped with heightened shock absorption and extra propulsion to make the most out of those powder days. The XP3® Ski promotes superior balance and dynamic use of the foot, enhancing your skiing experience.

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XP3® Train Custom Orthotic

XP3® Train Custom Orthotic

Elevate your workout routine with our XP3® Train orthotic! Designed with exceptional shock absorption properties and enhanced propulsion. Our XP3® Train custom orthotic features a resilient, military- grade top cover for unparalleled durability.

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XP3® Recover Slide

XP3® Recover Slide

Today's top athletes are aware of the key importance of proper recovery strategies. “Today's performance is as good as yesterday's recovery” isn't just a saying; it's a reality backed by science. The custom XP3® Recover slide is specifically designed to offer the ultimate biomechanical edge during your recovery phase.

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Custom Orthotics Success Story

Firefighter Josh S. tells an amazing story of how the InMotion+ helped during a hiking rescue.

Multiple Activities? Multiple Orthotics.

If you have more than one pair of shoes and take part in multiple activities, you should seriously consider getting a pair of orthotics for each activity. There are orthotics for sports, work, and leisure. There are even orthotics custom made for children.

Benefit from multiple pairs of custom orthotics


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