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Benefits for Asymptomatic Persons

Health benefits of chiropractic care for asymptomatic persons. An article published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research provided a literature review that looked at objective physiologic changes and associated health benefits of chiropractic adjustments in patients without any symptoms. The author reported improvements in ranges of motion, muscle strength, immunological responses, beta-endorphin levels, blood pressure, papillary cycle time, heart rate variability, and spirometry. Significant changes were also reported in studies assessing agility, balance, kinesthetic perception, power, speed reaction, and athletic performance. The study also citied various studies that showed objective improvements in symptomatic subjects. They included improvements in neurocognitive function, visual field blind spot analysis, visual acuity, salivary cortisol levels, muscle strength, health-related behaviors, and savings in health care costs. In addition, there were many immune system studies that reported increases in immunoglobulins IgA, IgG, IgM, improved CD4 cell counts in HIV+ subjects, as well as decreased triglyceride levels, decreased blood pressure in persons with hypertension, improved cardiac function, and remission of duodenal ulcers confirmed by endoscopy.

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