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Infant Adjustments and SIDS

Upper cervical adjustments to infants may reduce SIDS risk. A study was published in Forensic Science International 2002 in which 695 infants between 1 - 12 months of age were given upper cervical (neck) chiropractic adjustments if they exhibited posture & motion disturbances in the upper neck. In addition, the infants' heart rates were monitored before, during, and after the adjustment. A notable change in the heart rate (bradycardia) was evident in 47% of all examined infants compared to control conditions. The authors believe that since SIDS may be caused by bradycardia apnea, and bradycardia apnea can be caused by irritations to the upper cervical spine, children with a disturbed symmetry of the upper neck could be of higher risk for SIDS and should be evaluated for chiropractic adjustments.

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