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Chiro Adjustment Improves Immune Function

A single chiropractic adjustment enhances the production of a substance that improves immune function. 76 asymptomatic patients participated in this study. 29 received chiropractic adjustments with audible release in the upper thoracic spine, 23 received sham chiropractic adjustments without audible release in the upper thoracic spine, and 24 comprised the control group. Blood and serum samples were obtained before and at 20 and 120 minutes after treatment. Blood cultures were induced by activation with Staphylococcal protein. Compared to the control group, the blood taken at 20 minutes post- treatment from both of the chiropractic adjustment groups demonstrated significantly increased secretion of IL-2. With samples taken at 2 hours post-treatment, significant elevation of IL-2 synthesis was still apparent in the group that received a chiropractic adjustment with audible release, but IL-2 synthesis became attenuated in the group that received a chiropractic adjustment without an audible release. These results were published in the May 2008 issue of Chiropractic & Osteopathy. Note: IL-2 is type of cytokine immune system signaling molecule that is instrumental in the body's natural response to microbial infection and in discriminating between foreign (non-self) and self. IL-2 is known to fight cancer.

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